City of stars

You know , when you’re in love, you have your heart and its beats going up and down your body, you know, that thing that makes you so damn free and in peace with the world is also the only thing which could stop you and let people cheat you any moment and also easily but you just don’t care. Like I don’t care about puntuaction in this piece.

And when you fall in love with a song… oh music is the best thing to fall in love with. You ask me why? But it’s clear! Because music are melted feeling, melted and lain down a sheet.

I’ve been falling for months for “City of stars” and I don’t even know why this song is this song. The music from movies isn’t the same music a singer writes for his album or for himself. The composer for films has to be connected to the true core of the story and characters. A song is completely different when it has a special and personal meaning, you can be allowed to access to the meaning of a song with the help of movies. So “City of Stars” will be so great I know, when I see “La La Land” (and this film I know is gonna win all the Oscars). Anyway the commotion that the wait to see Emma is giving me inspired me to suggest you some good soundtrack.


Howl’s moving castle theme from “Howl’s moving castle” by Miyazaki (the great)

I cannot explain what this music makes me feel. You just  have to watch and listen. (Please do it, I authorise you to stop reading)

One Summer’s day from “Spirited Away” by Miyazaki (Again)

Same. Please listen watch and cry. Also this film won an Oscar.

Theme from Schindler’s list from “Schindler’s list”

Just cry.

The Danish Girl from “The Danish girl”

Why did Eddie not win the Oscar, sorry Leo you’re great but I think in this film Eddie had a great performance. (Anyway Oscar for the girl)

City of stars from “La La Land”

!!!! Here we are!!!!!


Who am I

Here in Italy we don’t think about musicals in the same way as Americans do. I don’t know about you but I feel pretty (lol) american in this field. That’s why I also decided to write in english this blog. (Also because I really need to practise so please don’t insult me if I make any mistake, just tell me in the comments)

I really do hope that this won’t make you think that I don’t like Italy or I prefer USA ‘cause this is not true. Italy is probably the most amazing country in the world: because of its culture, because of its history and obviously because of its air and its climate.

Anyhow I decided to write in english.

Now I’m gonna tell you a lot of stupid things about me and about why being in the school paper is not enough to fill my desire to write. If you don’t care, fine: goodbye. If you are interested: you have a lot of free time to waste!

I’m young. I’m very very young. This is horrible for me, I have so many things I wanna do but I can’t because nobody thinks that young people can do adult’s jobs. But I can. I know I can do big things and I wanna do it now! I can’t wait! But I have to wait. In this moment I know  I have to think about my instruction because is important for me to improve and create my character and my own opinions. It’s just that I feel so sure about how is the world and I want to make it better!

I know this might sound arrogant but the ones of you who feel the same way can understand. You are the ones I am talking to.

I love music.

I love singing.

I love playing guitar, ukulele, violin and (recently) piano.

I love musicals.

I love writing songs.

I love writing stories.

And I love movies.

I think I won’t have problems to chose what my future job is gonna be.

Meantime if you want to read this blog, I’m gonna write what I think. Mostly about musicals, you know.

Risultati immagini per italia america


Did you notice that both the name of the article and the name of the blog are musicals’ songs? If you didn’t, go and study stupid muggle!